Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Butterstick on Display

As every good American should, I am enamored with Butterstick. He is the wallpaper on my home computer and I check his webcam regularly, determined to catch him doing something other than sleeping. Rest up Butterstick, because you are going to have a LOT of company on December 8th, when they'll open you up to the public. Yay!

Butterstick is a panda, by the way. Some refer to him as Tai Shan, for some reason.

He's got some competiton though, some chick in San Diego trying to steal his thunder. As said on Wonkette:

"So the San Diego Zoo has named their baby panda Su Lin: "a little bit of something very cute." Overcompensate much, San Diego? You want a baby panda throw down? Bring it, but you can't touch the Stick. We don't have put "cute" in his name, because it's all over his face."

Click the link, because the pictures are damn cute.

Jen's Blog version 4.0

Starting over and whatnot, but you can still read my old stories and musings here.

In real life, Pasta Fagioli is Italian for bean soup. To my Grandfather, pasta fagioli (or as we pronounce it, 'pasta fazule') means whatever the hell he wants it to mean. You could eat pasta fagioli, you could be acting like a pasta fagioli, you could even go pasta fagioli. Since I have a habit of posting whenever I feel like about whatever I feel like, I thought it fit well.